Holiday Update, Career Break Survey and Links

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks and my schedule hasn’t given me a lot of time to write but that should change very soon now that I’m back from visiting family. The first order of business is to announce the successful completion of the Career Break Survey Giveaway!

Career Break Survey – Giveaway

The Career Break Survey giveaway finished yesterday and I selected a winner at random (using excel’s randbetween function) and contacted them by email. I am pleased to announce that Marcel of Aurora, Ontario has been sent a $50 gift card for Amazon. Hopefully this will help a little towards the holiday purchases!

The career break survey did very well and I received a lot of responses, more than my wife thought I would! In the coming days and weeks I’ll be looking at the results and deriving some interesting stats from them to give my readers greater insight into why people take career breaks and what different challenges they face. Some people left really insightful comments in the freeform text areas, I’ll include a few of these to give some color to the stats.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey, your efforts are appreciated. I’m going to leave the survey up incase more people want to complete it.

Also a big thank you to the other bloggers that +1’d, liked, retweeted or linked to my survey! Raising the profile of career breaks is absolutely crucial so the discussion can continue to grow.

Some Updates

This last month or so has seen my readership continue to grow with a 27% increase in people actively following the blog via email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. If you haven’t already, be sure to connect with me via one of these options!

I’ve written another few posts over at Boomer & Echo on Best Budgeting Apps To Manage Your Money & Why Taking a Career Break Can Be A Great Investment.

I’ve also been working with someone to get a logo made for the site to add a little humor and color to the header.

Some Great Links

Bridgette @ Money After Graduation writes about Why She’s Having a Minimalist Christmas

Sometimes the whole gift giving thing can get a bit out of hand.

Courtney @ Man vs Debt shares 6 tips to help you choose a good charitable cause to donate to

I often wonder how my money is actually being used and what impact it’s having.

Big Cajun Man @ The Canadian Personal Finance Blog shared some boxing day advice

I think I’ve only ever gone out to shop on boxing day once or twice in my life, I just can’t deal with the crowds!

The Dividend Ninja asks Do You Have A Plan? Now that 2013 is just around the corner, it’s time to get a financial plan together for the new year. Try and stick to it!

For a thought provoking read, check out an article on Finance Fox that discusses Money and Success (are they the same thing?)

Until next time, hopefully in the next few days I’ll have a new post featuring stats gleaned from the career break survey!

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