9 Great Financial Blog Posts & A Free Giveaway

Now that the summer is winding down (so sad!) I can concentrate a little more on blogging and honing my writing skills. I’ve been thinking about writing a book lately so I can share a lot of information all in one place rather than one post at a time. I’m trying to decide whether to write something on a financial or travel topic, maybe I’ll start writing both and see what sticks? :)

best financial bogsGiving away $200 – True Money Stories

As a reminder, the True Money Stories giveaway contest is underway. I’ve received some great submissions so far, keep them coming in! There’s $150 in free cash going to one lucky person who completes the full Money Stories interview and another $50 that will go to someone who likes/follows She Thinks I’m Cheap and shares a quick story via social media.

Posts from around the web

Jeremy @ Modest Money looks at how mortgage rates have risen significantly in the US in recent weeks. He discusses what higher rates could mean for us and he shares tips for investors, buyers and homeowners.

Teacher Man @ Young and Thrifty makes a great case for giving kids money in the form of an RESP. I’m totally in favour of giving towards an education instead of buying more toys and clothes for the little ones.  A RESP gift unlocks even more money in the form of matching contributions from the government, everybody wins!

Monevator provides some excellent graphs to illustrate how different investments have performed over the long term. By holding on to different types of assets over a long period of time, an investor can generate good returns with reduced risk.

A Disease Called Debt shares some insights into how to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. I really like one of the tips to “replaced expensive stuff with quality time”. Spending quality time with friends and family will give you far more satisfaction in life than a quick purchase of the latest XYZ.

For my tech savvy readers, Rob from Money Watch takes a look at the latest version of the Paypal mobile app for iOS and Android. The latest version lets you search for places you can pay by Paypal and then pay your bill by checking in. These features make payments quicker and easier but will only be successful if a whole lot of merchants start accepting Paypal.

Rob @ Boomer & Echo interviewed ING Direct CEO Peter Aceto about the sale of ING Canada to Scotia Bank. I enjoyed banking with ING a few years ago, hopefully the experience doesn’t change. I’ll miss the old “save your money” campaigns!

Hank @ Money Q &A asks if our financial data is safe when scanned by hand held credit card readers. My only experience with these so far has been at the Apple store where any one of the sales staff on the floor can take a payment from you. Look for more and more of these devices at stores near you in the future.

The Savvy Scott covers a topic that I’m intimately familiar with, dropping everything and moving abroad. If planned and executed properly the decision to move to a new country can be a great one which will open up lots of new doors.

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Finance Girl shares a great graph of how much $1 will be worth by 65 if you started saving at different ages. As you can probably guess, the earlier you start saving the better!

Enjoy the links!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! RESPs continued to be so underutilized in Canada…

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